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Linksys SPA941 - Jive Cloud Manual - - The following instructions are for the Linksys SPA922 phone but can be used a basis for confuring other Linksys Vo IP phone such as the SPA942 etc. Hht the desired keypad option and then press the edit softkey*. Enter the internal extension or external number. Press the ok softkey*. Use.

Produktguide - Voicetech – Allt inom IP telefoni C:\SPA922) * Use Windows Explorer to open a window on your selected folder * Click on the Application * Accept the warning and Click Continue * Enter the IP Address of the SPA922 above into the Window and click OK * Click Upgrade to update your SPA922 firmware to the new version you have downloaded * Wait until the progress indicator has finished doing the upgrade. * When successfully upgraded you should see a message like ‘Your SPA has been successfully upgraded to the version shown below’ (Latest version at time of writing was 5.2.8) * Now in your web browser put in the SPA922 IP Address again and on the Info page you should see the new firmware version displayed beside ‘Software Version’ These settings are up to you and your network but I recommend you password protect the web interface to stop users messing with settings: * Enable web server = Yes * Enable web Admin access = Yes * Admin passwd: Change the following SIP Timer Values: * Reg Max Expires = 600 * Reg Retry Intvl = 10 * Reg Retry Long Intvl = 20 This should allow the phone to recover from Internet issues more quickly and give MOS info in BYE messages (handy for troubleshooting) RTP Parameters * Stats In BYE: yes Change the following NAT Support Parameters (optional): * STUN Enable: yes * STUN Server: stun.2nz STUN is not strictly needed but there should be no harm in enabling it. Aastra SIP Phone Release 1.4.1 Introduction, English, PDF, 110 KB · Download. GXV3000 User Manual Download. Linksys SPA-942 phone. User Guide.

Linksys SPA-922 - 2talk - Support If you are really keen then you can set the tones to standard NZ tones instead of the defaults. The following instructions are for the Linksys SPA922 phone but can be used a basis for confuring other Linksys VoIP phone such as the SPA942 etc. First we.

User guide linksys spa942 manual:

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